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Country: Bolivia   Place: El Choro Trek          Subtheme1: Blooming trees and bushes  
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Red Angel's Trumpet   Puna Grasslands Bolivia 10009

Red Angel's Trumpet - 10009

Bolivia, Puna Grasslands

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south america bolivia andes yungas mountains range el choro trek la cumbre chairo blooming tree flower red angel's trumpet vulcanicola brugmansia sanguinea
etelä-amerikka bolivia andit yungas yungat vuoret vuori el choro vaellus matka la cumbre chairo kukkiva puu kukka veripasuuna brugmansia sanguinea
lõuna-ameerika boliivia andid yungas yungat mäed mägi mäeahelik el choro trek matk la cumbre chairo õitsev puu lill inglitrompet brugmansia sanguinea