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Country: Brazil   Place: Pantanal          Subtheme1: Birds of Prey  
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Black-Collared Hawk Pantanal Brazil 9786

Black-Collared Hawk - 9786

Brazil, Pantanal

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south america brazil mato grosso pantanal transpantaneira wetlands porto jofre cuiaba river birds wildlife black-collared hawk busarellus nigricollis prey
etelä-amerikka brasilia mato grosso pantanal transpantaneira suot suoalue porto jofre cuiaba joki lintu linnut kalastajahaukka busarellus nigricollis
lõuna-ameerika brasiilia mato grosso pantanal transpantaneira sood porto jofre cuiaba jõgi lind linnud kalaviu busarellus nigricollis